In the Beginning . . .

God made the earth with land and sea areas, rivers, plants, land and sea animals.

It was all very beautiful, but God felt the need for a being on this beautiful planet who would be able to guard and keep His creation and with whom He could have a heart to heart relationship.

So He made the first man, Adam.

Adam was different because though his body was made from the dust of the ground, and God made him with a mind to think with, emotions to feel with and a will to provide motivation for him, God gave him something which He had not given to any other of his creatures: a spirit.

A spirit is the breath of God Himself.
It is this breath of God in human beings which makes us able to contact God, because He is also a Spirit and is seeking spiritual contact with us, human beings.

There is just one problem: there are other lesser spirits which want contact with human beings also.

These lesser spirits call themselves gods and they claim to guide us, but they are imposters. They are counterfeits and they want to turn us away from the God who created us, to themselves, so that they can control our lives.

But the God who created us human beings says that He loves us. The reason He loves us is because we are His creation; it is His breath of life that is in us; and He has not given up on us.

This is the God of the Bible!